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Emily | 24 | USA


I'm Emily. I like stuff, like some TV shows, animals and other stuff. You will find all of that stuff here. Please scroll through if you're interested.

I like languages and linguistics, and animals and my dogs (I have two beagles who are the cutest things on the planet), and I am also the most rad substitute teacher on the planet.

I like a lot of things actually so you should probably just go through my blog and see.

I was a Japanese major who now has a Bachelor's as of 2/2013. I spent my Spring 2011 semester abroad, and will be returning to Japan to participate in the JET Programme. I wish to one day be a Japanese language teacher.

I'm pretty open about things, and my ask box is always open if you want to talk or need something. I like it when people message me on the Internet. It makes me feel special.

So yeah. Enjoy~

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8th April 2012

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Steeping chamomile tea.

Tagged: teamy picturesI TOOK THESEhahaha):but i did


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    It’s loose chamomile tea, that’s why it might look strange. You drain it after, drink it like normal tea. Chamomile has...
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